Agile tools and techniques outside IT

location: online



this interactive and hands-on course, you will learn some of the most common
Agile & Lean tools and techniques:

Agile frameworks:
KANBAN & SCRUM (overview)

Purpose of Scrum
Events; Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review & Retrospective

Concept of
continuous learning and improvement (learning organization)

Visualization of
the work, with focus on end-to-end delivery (Kanban) & Journey Mapping

User stories &
user story mapping

Concept of MVP
(minimal viable product)

Authorized Instructor-SMALL

Does your organisation want to thrive in the digital age? Long-term success can only be realised through continuous focus on customers, innovative, high quality product / service and operational effectiveness.

Learn how Agile-Lean tools and techniques can help you to positively transform your organisation.

 Joanna is an Agile – Lean consultant, who is an expert in Business Agility, Agile-Lean Transformation and Development of High Performing Agile Teams.

Joanna has a masters degree in Project Management, from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School and has a background in technology and business, she developed a career in Agile and Lean consulting and leadership development, working on bringing a positive change across a wide range of organisations, sectors and cultures. She has worked with organisations in the following industries, the Financial Sector including Insurance and Banking, Gaming, Aviation, E-learning, Tourism and Travel.

She holds numerous Agile certifications and is an approved provider of Agile & Lean Training and Consulting by Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office. She’s also authorised by the International Consortium for Agile to run the certified ICP-AHR trainings.

She has helped coordinate Agile-Lean events internationally and is a board member of Agile-Lean Ireland. Joanna is a very active member of the Global Agile Community. She both organizes and speaks at various Agile-Lean events. In 2018-2019 she was on the European Scrum Gathering Team with Scrum Alliance.

7 x 2hrs + circa 10 hrs in own time (readings, online tutorials etc).