Introduction to Agile

location: online

price: For groups of 6 and under


Traditional management originates from the 2nd Industrial Revolution (mass production) and was developed for managing a manual worker doing a highly repetitive and predictable work. It’s a perfect solution when the requirements are static and predictability is high. Those are not the characteristics of the world we live in now. In the present, challenging environments, Leaders must be able to adapt to rapidly emerging new circumstances.

Authorized Instructor-SMALL

The Agile mindset welcomes and enables change and harnesses the opportunities a rapidly changing environment can offer. Agile focuses on the empirical process where organizations can sense & respond to emerging difficulties, while exploring the possibilities. This course will provide you with a solid understanding of the concepts and values of Agile.


 Joanna is an Agile – Lean consultant, who is an expert in Business Agility, Agile-Lean Transformation and Development of High Performing Agile Teams.

Joanna has a masters degree in Project Management, from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School and has a background in technology and business, she developed a career in Agile and Lean consulting and leadership development, working on bringing a positive change across a wide range of organisations, sectors and cultures. She has worked with organisations in the following industries, the Financial Sector including Insurance and Banking, Gaming, Aviation, E-learning, Tourism and Travel.

She holds numerous Agile certifications and is an approved provider of Agile & Lean Training and Consulting by Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office. She’s also authorised by the International Consortium for Agile to run the certified ICP-AHR trainings.

She has helped coordinate Agile-Lean events internationally and is a board member of Agile-Lean Ireland. Joanna is a very active member of the Global Agile Community. She both organizes and speaks at various Agile-Lean events. In 2018-2019 she was on the European Scrum Gathering Team with Scrum Alliance.

7 x 2hrs + circa 10 hrs in own time (readings, online tutorials etc).