agile certification bundle

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This bundle combines ICAgile’s Agile Leadership and Agile People HR certifications into one purchasing option. By completing this course you will receive both individual certifications.

Throughout this ICAgile certified course students will learn why and what leading with agility is and how it has become one of the key leadership abilities today. Developing personal agility as both a leader and from an individual standpoint to assist the student to excel in their own tasks. Students will learn how agility can be applied within relationships and how to exercise agility through them

Agile Leadership Certification (ICP-LEA)

  • Develop and innovative and nurturing culture
  • Provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss how traditional approaches to management and leadership don’t always meet the needs of our transforming organizations. In particular, leaders will self-assess to determine how they might need to change their own behavior and attitudes to properly serve the needs of 21st century organizations
  • Review and discuss one or more models for emotional intelligence in enough detail to gain general familiarity with the “personal competence” aspects of emotional intelligence (as outlined here)
  • Understand in concrete terms what agile values are and why they are needed to develop organizational agility
  • Understand the INTER-personal aspects of emotional intelligence
  • Develop leaders awareness of the different systems found within organizations, the often hidden dependencies between them, and how conflict can arise when they have incongruent agendas. Introduce steps leaders can take and practices they can adopt that will help them navigate, maintain congruence and reconcile concerns across systems

Agile People HR Certification (ICP-AHR)

  • Facilitate the participant’s reflection and analysis of the impact organizational design has on organizational agility and present examples of alternative approaches.
  • Introduce the participant to approaches for designing effective cross-functional teams along with the necessary structures around the teams to align their work to the value stream. This can contain elements that are pre-planned and it should also allow for emergent design in response to the dynamic, evolving situation around the team(s).
  • Introduce strategies for aligning teams around value streams that can maximize flow, minimize dependencies and provide end-to-end delivery.
  • Identify the many skill gaps that can occur and explain the intentional focus on growth that is necessary to address these gaps. Discuss ways to enable the growth of individuals with T-Shaped skills.
  • Identify what it means to have a growth vs. fixed mindset and how a growth mindset helps create an environment that fosters continuous improvement and makes it safe to fail for the sake of learning.
  • Introduce interview methods that can reduce false positives and better evaluate for skills, potential and fit.

 Joanna is an Agile – Lean consultant, who is an expert in Business Agility, Agile-Lean Transformation and Development of High Performing Agile Teams.

Joanna has a masters degree in Project Management, from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School and has a background in technology and business, she developed a career in Agile and Lean consulting and leadership development, working on bringing a positive change across a wide range of organisations, sectors and cultures. She has worked with organisations in the following industries, the Financial Sector including Insurance and Banking, Gaming, Aviation, E-learning, Tourism and Travel.

She holds numerous Agile certifications and is an approved provider of Agile & Lean Training and Consulting by Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office. She’s also authorised by the International Consortium for Agile to run the certified ICP-AHR trainings.

She has helped coordinate Agile-Lean events internationally and is a board member of Agile-Lean Ireland. Joanna is a very active member of the Global Agile Community. She both organizes and speaks at various Agile-Lean events. In 2018-2019 she was on the European Scrum Gathering Team with Scrum Alliance.

14 x 2 hour classes + circa 20 hrs in own time (readings, online tutorials etc).